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The Stealth Sizing Calculator

Three Step Instructions (See video for full demonstration)

Step one: In the flaccid (soft) condition use your thumb and finger to clamp the penis head and fully extend without causing discomfort. Using a ruler lightly press about ½ inch into the fat pad towards the pubic bone and measure along the penis shaft up to the ridge of the glans only.

Step two: Again measure the fully stretched and completely flaccid penis only! This time use a tailors tape or if you do not have one handy use a plain strip of paper to lightly wrap around the shaft behind the glans. Mark the strip of paper with a pencil and then measure the distance on top of a flat ruler.

Step three: Enter the two data points into the sizer by adjusting the length and girth settings on the calculator. For more precision you can use the numerical drop boxes located below. The garment configuration and size code will be shown in the display boxes for your reference.

Length Girth  
Measurement here
Stealth description here
A20 B20 C20
A22 B22 C22 D22 E22
A24 B24 C24 D24 E24 F24 G24
A26 B26 C26 D26 E26 F26 G26 H26 I26
A28 B28 C28 D28 E28 F28 G28 H28 I28
A30 B30 C30 D30 E30 F30 G30 H30 I30
B32 C32 D32 E32 F32 G32 H32 I32
C34 D34 E34 F34 G34 H34 I34
D36 E36 F36 G36 H36 I36

Step four: The Sizing calculator default setting is for a smaller flaccid relative to the erect size. You can manually over ride the auto selection by choosing a more accurate size based on the particular dynamics of your own anatomy. Stealth is now available as a "Stealth Pack" which includes three units per order. You get the Stealth Regular and the new spandex jacket and flesh tone skin which are layered one on top of the other for a more secure fit, firmer sheath and longer extension of the penis.

Stealth uses a medical grade silicon bead embedded directly into the matrix of the fabric to secure the fit behind the penis head. This must be accurately sized for optimum performance.

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